Thursday, March 3, 2011

Putting the Genie Back into the Bottle

What are you working on now Dad?”  “Ryan, I’m doing some research on students being able to bring their own computers to school. “  What?!  I wish we could do that in my school!” I asked Ryan if he were allowed to bring his laptop to school, how would he use it.  I guess since he was working on Spanish at the time he replied, “Well, today I would have used Google Translate in class to help with these translations instead of looking them up in the back of the book.  I could have saved some time.” Wow.

With the increasing popularity of students using cell phones, iPods and iPads in the classroom, the next logical step is to allow students internet access using their own devices.   Students just like my son and Joe would love an opportunity to use their own devices to expand learning.   

Recognizing that once you let the genie out of the bottle, it will be nearly impossible to put it back.  What are some things that should be considered before, during and after students are allowed to bring their own devices to school?