Anytime Anywhere Learning is an attempt to share thoughts, information and ideas about teaching using mobile learning, integrating technology and 21st century instructional leadership.

I am currently Director of Secondary Instruction in York County, Virginia. I have had instructional leadership experience at all levels. I  formerly served as Principal of a middle school, an Environmental Science Elementary School, Assistant Principal at both a Math, Science and Technology Middle School and a Performing Arts High School.

I have been in education for eighteen years.  In addition to serving as an administrator at all levels, I have had the unique opportunity to teach students science and math at the elementary, middle and high school levels as well. In each role, I focus on the power of teamwork over the success of individuals in order to achieve results.

Five years ago I had another unique opportunity to teach a seventh grade pre-algebra class.  A long story short, we began to use cell phones for instruction purposes.  This led me toward conducting research on using cell phones in class and to writing my first book, Anytime, Anywhere! Mobile Learning Using Cell Phones: Activities for the Classroom. My current research is centered around mobile learning (m-learning) and the effect it has on student achievement.

I have presented my work at several national conferences and through my professional development company, 21C3 Leadership Development, I have conducted workshops/seminars in several states to teachers, administrators and community leaders.  I focus on 21st Century leadership strategies that incorporate web 2.0 and mobile learning tools to promote student achievement and  to close achievement gaps.