Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Great Note-Taking Apps for Educators

Personal Note using Noteshelf
Last year all of the principals, assistant principals and instructional specialists in our school division received iPads to assist with modeling use of technology, monitoring instructional best practice and finding instructional applications for students and teachers.  While some may argue that only students should use iPads in schools, I believe if we want teachers to integrate technology, administrators have to model it.  I must say our iPads for administrator’s initiative is going quite well. 

There are several apps that our administrators use regularly. I must say that one of my favorite apps to use is a handwriting, note-taking app.  Here are two that I find work well: 

Noteshelf  (my favorite).  Our administrators use it to take notes during meetings and to send personal notes to teachers after conducting walkthroughs.  It has smooth writing, wrist protection, great pen colors, highlighters and several different notebook papers.  The notebooks are also easy to navigate through and organize.

Muji Notebook  is an inexpensive note taking app that offers handwriting recognition and the ability to write on documents that are imported as PDFs. 


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